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19 Jul 2022 10:37 PM | Tracey Paluck (Administrator)

NEW Canadian Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard

Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) has released their Pilot Draft of the NEW Canadian Locate and Marking Standards. CAPULC’s objective was to develop a national line locating standard to ensure consistent practices across the country while allowing provincial variations in the future. CAPULC, with the help of a third-party contractor, has developed this document along with an inventory of resources and Continuous Improvement Log. Items are placed into our Continuous Improvement Log when they are determined to be a major revision, a major discussion item, requires additional subject matter input, or is on hold to capture comments from the review processes. Its purpose is to assist with the process for any future revisions, additions, modification, and deletions.

This initial release is a preliminary Standard document and has reached a key stage to solicit feedback and comments. Once it has successfully passed through the first and second 30-day review processes it will be published as CAPULC’s First Version. This leads everyone to expect that there are more versions to come. While this first version will provide the framework for our Standards, it certainly is expected to evolve ….

We would like CAPULC Members, Sponsors, clients, organizations, and all those involved in the damage prevention process to review and provide feedback on this pilot release. There are just a few things we would like to mention:

  • This document was written to encompass and reflect best practices of both public and private locating
  • This document has been written at a federal level and will be provincially, jurisdictionally, and industry agnostic
  • The scope of this document was to be applicable to underground facility locators across Canada and to multiple infrastructure types. It focuses on the steps involved in the locating process.  


We would like to request your comments and communicate that the deadline for feedback is set for close of business on Friday July 25, 2022. Feedback is requested in writing via email or through our feedback form. This will allow for our Committee to effectively prepare for working sessions to review and provide comment to all feedback submissions before releasing for a second review release.

Should you have any questions or would like to submit your comments please contact us at


Board of Directors




To reach the online Standards format click here:


To reach the Standards document in Word format click here:

CAPULC - Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard - DRAFT

2022 06 17.docx


To reach the Standards document in PDF format click here:

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