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Canadian Association of Pipeline and
Utility Locating Contractors

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Part of your responsibility as a member of CAPULC involves dedicating some time for the betterment of our organization. Together we can encourage the locate industry, and the ground disturbance community to meet and exceed safety expectations, perform each job with due diligence, and govern the application of rules and regulations as they pertain to the industry.

If you are interested in sitting on a committee, please complete the Subcommittee Application Form and return it to

Education and Standards

To assist in the promotion and development of locating standards and education programs in a way that enhances the association's relevance and value to the industry for the purpose of establishing the association as a proactive leader in program development.


To facilitate a comprehensive review of the Association's current governance structure in a way that identifies gaps and highlights areas of improvement for the purpose of providing a defined governance structure and sustainable presence in each province in Canada.

Strategic Networks

To improve CAPULC's presence in the existing network of industry related organizations in a way that enhances the association's voice for the purpose of establishing CAPULC as a leader in the pipeline and utility locating industry.

Advertising, Marketing, and Communication

To enhance communications with members, non-members and stakeholder groups in a way that increases visibility of the association for the purpose of increasing awareness about association activities and initiatives.


To develop a sustainable financial framework in a way that ensures CAPULC has the capacity to meet both short and long-term goals for the purpose of enhancing member benefits and maintaining growth in the membership base.


To identify, interpret, and react to legislative and industry changes in a way that is relevant and timely to members for the purpose of maintaining the association's position as a leader in the pipeline and locating industry.

Competency Task Force

CAPULC’s application is currently on standby for Occupational Designation of Underground Facility Locators. Alberta is presently revamping their application process which allows us to revisit our application and meet requirements suggested by them to be accepted under the new application process. One of the largest criteria is to prove we have “Industry” Support. In support of this we relaunched our Education and Standards Committee and they been hard at work establishing formal general “Locating Standards”. By achieving this Designation, our goal is to establish Locating as an accredited Career path and establish an effective standard for locates to be performed within any industry. We are hoping to attract new hires to the locating industry.

Our goals are to re-brand and re-market CAPULC to establish a unique identification within the industries that we are part of to attract more training providers and be the established voice for the locating industry.

Recruitment & Services

To market association benefits and to develop new services in a way that will proactively address the needs of the industry for the purpose of establishing CAPULC as the preferred choice for professional membership.

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